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Flooring Manufacturers

Developing custom connectors or adhesive systems for your flooring and carpeting products

In a fast-paced flooring market, your customers’ needs are always going to be different. From Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring to vinyl planks, vinyl sheets or carpet tiles, your clients need a reliable, durable, and a high quality adhesive or seaming system. That’s why we’ve worked over the years to develop different adhesive solutions that work for all types of floating flooring installations for residential, commercial or industrial sectors.

We work with flooring manufacturers to develop the right bonding or seaming tape for their flooring products.

Carpet Manufacturers

FloatMax Systems develops and tests custom adhesive solutions for carpet manufacturers.  We create carpet tabs and connectors to accompany specific types of carpet tiles or carpet rolls or carpet flooring.  Our process involves designing and developing a unique carpet connector with different thickness, size, shape, strength, and backing that will fit your specific needs.


FloatMax Systems is looking for avenues to distribute our products to retailers.  If you have the distribution infrastructure in place and are looking to add a more efficient flooring product to your distribution network, we would like to discuss a possible partnership with you.

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Our Licensed Distributors

How Can We Help You?

For more information about our products, specifications or to request an estimate, connect with us.

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