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FloatMax Systems Inc. - Corporate Profile


Floatmax Systems Inc. is a Canadian federal corporation (#915045-5), incorporated in 2015.


Unit Sales & Growth
Over 3 million units of patented inventions have been sold in North America since 2015. Annual sales are on track to grow at least 30% in 2017.

Outside Investment
Floatmax Systems Inc. has to-date been funded by its founder, Shawn Daley.


Floatmax Systems Inc. commercializes its invention portfolio through licensing and consulting on the manufacture of its products.

5-10 full-time employees.

FloatMax Systems Inc. and the FloatMax Tape Floating Floor Products is the brain-child of Shawn Daley of Generations Flooring.  As an innovative flooring installer, Shawn is always looking for new ideas on how to improve on the flooring industry. 

The idea for the FloatMax Tape was based on his experience installing floating vinyl floors for commercial buildings.  He invested in the development, testing, research and patent pending registration of the FloatMax Tape and the FloatMax Tape Floating Floor System.


The FloatMax System products are customizable within its patents and copyrights to meet the different industry standards, flooring and material substrates.  We work with manufacturers to innovate, test and review our products to meet their needs.

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Shawn Daley started working with his father in the flooring industry when he was only 12 years old. He is the third generation of master flooring installers and hopes that his son will follow in his footsteps.

Shawn’s products combine decades of family wisdom and cutting-edge materials science. Each invention is created to solve a practical problem that he has experienced as a master floor installer. He is passionate about improving lives through better materials.

Shawn’s patented inventions have been installed in hundreds of thousands of commercial buildings worldwide.

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