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Venture Max Systems PermaFuse XL

Venture Max Systems' PermaFuse XL is the ideal flooring solution for corridors and large spaces. It consists of long strips of carpet made of stain-resistant nylon, 2 metres wide, with a backing of inseparable, closed-cell layers offering many advantages, including a tight border between the carpet and the floor, and adhesion to the floor without the use of glue. It installs quickly on any surface and is easy to maintain and replace when needed.


Improved acoustics

Superior strength for high traffic areas;

Moisture barrier;

Simple and easy maintenance;

Low VOC emissions - Green Label Plus certified;

Improved air quality by reducing airborne particles;

Easy installation, repair and replacement;

Optimal comfort underfoot;

Reduced risk of falling.



Based on proven technology in the modular carpet industry, our PermaFuse XL rolls are equipped with PermaFuse backing technology, taking our carpet backing to a whole new level of performance and durability.

Why customers like PermaFuse XL

  • Time saving application

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Moisture and heat resistant

  • Eco-friendly product with low VOC

  • Durable and lasting application

  • Top quality adhesion for high temperature applications

  • The best tab system on the market

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