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Keep your carpet tiles together with no glue at all.

The MaxTab system creates a stable carpet tile installation with no glue at all. It’s easy to use, creates less mess and provides greater flexibility for installation and selective replacement.


MaxTab is a patented adhesive connector that creates a stable floating carpet tile installation without messy glue application. It’s easy to use, creates less mess and provides greater flexibility for installation, repair or selective replacement.



​MaxTab includes a single-coated polyester tape with a thick, conformable layer of high-tack silicone adhesive. The adhesive adheres strongly to irregular surfaces and excludes water. It is very resistant to all solvents and detergents. MaxTab also includes a single-coated polyester high temperature silicone tape which bonds to the most difficult surfaces in high temperature environments.  And the 3rd layer of MaxTab is a single coated polyester tape with a highly-effective acrylic adhesive which adheres well to low energy surfaces and has no shrinkage.



​The silicone adhesive provides top quality adhesion in high temperature applications.  Durable polyester film is resistant to tearing and punctures, chemicals, flow, oozing, and slippage. The acrylic adhesive provides excellent initial adhesion and tack; the thick layer of adhesive conforms to irregular surfaces to provide firm bonding.

Tape Application


To achieve ultimate adhesion, the bonding surfaces should be dry, clean and free of dirt and oils. The strength of the adhesion bond is dependent on the amount of surface area directly contacting the adhesive. Firm pressure is recommended to obtain good adhesive to surface contact.


Why customers like MaxTab

  • Time saving application

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Moisture and heat resistant

  • Eco-friendly product with low VOC

  • Durable and lasting application

  • Top quality adhesion for high temperature applications

  • The best tab system on the market

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