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LVMax Tab: Everything You Need From An Adhesive Connector

With millions of square meters installed since its creation, LV MaxTab is among the leading brands manufacturing top quality glue-free installation systems for modular carpet tiles. The remarkable solution works perfectly well for vinyl and tile floors.

As an adhesive connector, it includes a single-coated 2mil polyester liner which features a thick and comfortable layer of high-tack silicone adhesive.

Perfect For Different Applications And Adaptive To Surface Irregularities The main motive behind the LV MaxTab was to create a system that would be modular, adjustable and functional. One that would easily become the #1 adhesive solution for vinyl and tile floors and one that sticks to the surface at any angle, just like the biomimetic approach of a snake.

One of the best features of the LV MaxTab, according to many, is the actual use of silicone adhesive which makes it perfect for different applications, especially ones where high temperature is present. Resistant to tearing, punctures, flow, oozing as well as slippage, this material provides excellent adhesion and never fails to adapt to any irregularities in your surfaces, providing proper bonding.

Hugging the floor with every single inch, the LV MaxTab solution creates dimensional stability and removes the need for glue, being installed in a relatively quick and easy way. In times when more and more homeowners are turning DIY, this is the perfect adhesive connector that one can choose.

Proudly Standing Behind Our Environmental Footprint Another major benefit of LV MaxTab is the eco-friendliness of the materials. Not only they are resistant to tearing, scratches and various cleaning agents and detergents - the LV MaxTab adhesive connectors for floors are manufactured without any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are therefore environmentally-friendly, preventing the pollution one tape at a time.

The LV MaxTab provides structural strength and is the perfect way to keep your luxury tiles or vinyl elements in place. Not only it replaces glue - it also makes sure to get you rid of any bolts, rivets, welds or other mechanical fasteners that are used to secure flooring materials nowadays.

Easy to use and with drastic benefits in regards to the mess, odor and drying time of glue, the LV MaxTab set of flooring adhesives provides greater flexibility and the dimension of a stable “floating floor” without the use of glue. With this, they are definitely the faster, cleaner and more eco-friendly alternative to any other vinyl/tile adhesive.

How To Apply The LV MaxTab? For DIY homeowners and remodeling professionals, applying the LV MaxTab adhesive connector is one of the most enjoyable processes during any flooring setup. The best part about it is the fact that it shortens the assembly time and completely eliminates the need for surface refinishing to remove any weld distortions.

If you are new to LV MaxTab, you should know that the best way to achieve ultimate adhesion is to go with dry and clean bonding surfaces. Make sure to free them from any dirt, oils or glue - and prepare them for the LV MaxTab adhesion tapes. Only this way, you can achieve ultimate adhesion and total coverage coming from direct contact between the adhesive and the ground (as well as the tile or vinyl flooring sitting above it).

As a finishing touch, make sure to apply firm pressure to ensure maximum contact.

Using The LV MaxTab As Your Ultimate Border Repair Solution Did you know that you can use the LV MaxTab to also repair your borders and replace parts of your floor?

Believe it or not, this works. And worry no more - because the LV MaxTab will prevent any irregularities and blend in your new piece of flooring without you even noticing it. Literally, all you need to do is identify the scratches and damage, cut them out (the entire plank), clean out the area below the plank and use the LV MaxTab adhesive connector before placing a new plank.

All you need to do is apply some pressure with a mallet - and your flooring will be aligned. Now, isn’t this the best floor repair solution out there?

Functional, User-Friendly, Time-Consuming, Durable, Lasting…. These are only some of the words satisfied users choose when describing the benefits of LV MaxTab.

For many, this set of adhesive connectors is the best tab system on the market. If you want to see its benefits in real life, now is the time to order your tab system and make most of it in any of your residential or commercial applications.

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