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5 Things You Should Look For In Your Adhesive Flooring Tape: Presenting The LV MaxTab

Nowadays, using adhesive tapes for your flooring is not anymore a privilege - it is a common need. Speaking of, there are tons of different applications with new uses that are being discovered every year. One of the most popular (where adhesive tapes are applied), however, is the use of these tapes in flooring.

Simply put, an adhesive flooring tape like the LV MaxTab simplifies the application of tile or vinyl floors. It is the perfect solution to fastening and joining the floor together - mostly due to the great advance in adhesive technology - and the perfect alternative to the traditional fastening systems.

In times when glue creates a great deal of stress and is difficult to remove afterwards, the basic advantages of adhesive flooring tapes - particularly the LV MaxTab - are as following…

1. Time-saving application One of the first things that you should look for in an adhesive flooring tape is the ease of application - which often results in time savings if you are doing things right from the first time. Instead of the traditional process of applying glue, adhesive tapes are great because they take seconds to be applied and create no mess at all.

Speaking of, the LVMax Tab is among the easiest - and most effective - adhesive flooring tapes out there. It offers top quality adhesion for high temperature applications which makes it perfect for every type of floor that requires adhesion.

2. Resistance In order to achieve ultimate adhesion, your tape should be resistant enough to things like tearing and punctures - all in order to help you stick it right from the first time and perfect your project from the start.

What most of the customers love about the LVMax Tab is the fact that it is amazingly resistant against tears and punctures, as well as chemicals, flow, slippage and oozing, all known as the common drawbacks of using flooring tapes. Thanks to its acrylic adhesive material, it provides solid initial adhesion and tack, coming without any irregularities on its surface and preventing any bonding.

3. Strong Adhesion This goes without saying, right?

Strong adhesion is something that every adhesive flooring tape should provide. However, what most of the homeowners don’t understand is the variety of factors that actually affect this adhesion.

For example, for the best results when using the LVMax Tab, one need to make sure that the bonding surface is clean, dry as well as free of any dirt, oils (or glue that was present before the tape). This will guarantee strength of adhesion and obtain good adhesive to surface contact.

4. Eco-friendliness Every product that is environmentally friendly is part of the new revolution that is happening nowadays. In times when the rates of global warming and pollution are increasing, sustainable products are in the spotlight as one of the solutions that can prevent and/or reduce the dangerous effects of pollution.

LVMax Tab is the perfect example of an adhesive flooring tape that does not harm the environment - whether in its production, use or disposal. As such, this tape helps preserving the environment by reducing the pollution.

5. Handling Surface Irregularities

As you can see from what’s written above, there aren’t many products that match the quality, diversity and functionality of LV MaxTab. This adhesive flooring material is very resistant to solvents and detergents and adheres strongly to any irregular surfaces.

The package also includes a single-coated polyester high temperature silicone tape that is crossed down the center - so that it can bond to the most difficult surfaces in high-temperature environments.

Final Words The use of adhesive flooring tapes is continue to grow, mainly as one of the biggest advances in the construction/home remodelling industry, eliminating the need for nuts and bolts in your flooring. Nowadays, every adhesive flooring tape should boast with uniform thickness and wide diversity.

The LV MaxTab eliminates the need for any bonding between the substrates and provides strong adhesion to different surfaces. It creates a stable floating luxury vinyl plank or tile installation without any messy parts, creating sustainable stability without the use of glue.

If you are ready to order this adhesive flooring tape of want to learn more about it, make sure to contact us today!

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