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Luxury Vinyl Installation

According to the Resilient Floor Covering Institute, resilient flooring is second only to carpet in floor covering sales in North America. Installation processes have continued to change and evolve in recent years with the emergence of flooring that does not require adhesive to stay in place. Such adhesive free installations have been available for some time in the form of sheet vinyl flooring, but now, the same is also true for vinyl tile and plank. In this case, instead of relying on the interlocking mechanism for this piece, FloatMax Systems offer a tape solution that allows the piece to fit in place yet remain a floating floor.Architects, interior designers, and facilities managers commonly rely on luxury vinyl for floor covering in commercial, institutional, and some residential buildings due to its versatility and durability. Solution- Floating FloorThe term floating is simply meant to imply that it is not adhered - once the pieces are laid in place, walked on and furniture set down, it is not about to float or move anywhere. Further, such flooring is often made of a premium grade that is usually thicker and heavier than other vinyl flooring contributing to its ability to function well without the need for adhesive. The elimination of the adhesive obviously eliminates any concerns associated with adhesives for flooring meaning that no additional VOCs are introduced, and the flooring can move and breathe easier without being constrained by the adhesive and reduces overall installation time.A building owner or manager that is concerned about long term costs of the floor will find the cost savings associated with this approach to be very attractive. These savings will certainly help justify the slight premium that is paid initially for the higher quality material.Product- FloatMax Systems FloatMax Systems develops revolutionary patented fastening materials used for the installation of vinyl floating floors, carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, and as a border repair system. These are patented and proven installation methods for floating residential, commercial and industrial vinyl, heat welded floors over an existing hard surface substrate.The benefits of FloatMax Systems are numerous: ease of install, eco-friendly lower VOC, Made in Canada, time saving installation, and costs’ savings that will improve bidding.Technically, installers want to know that 1). its water proof 2). will not telegraph ( hence the special tapering construction) 3). can be released without damaging the vinyl backing and 4). most importantly the caster load when rolling across the seam is an outstanding 805 PSI. 5). has a silicone center line for chemical resistance as well as visual placement on the seam.

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